Jan. 5th, 2011

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This time I thought I'd try translating a song I came across by...I don't remember anymore lol.
I found out the other day that the composer/singer/etc of this one-man band sang Rainbow Girl which has reached over 800k playbacks on nicodou. www I really don't remember how I found out about him before that though. ._. Random nicodou tag-clicking? Perhaps.
Anyway, I really liked this song when I heard it~
I'm not sure about the copyright stuff of this guy's songs but since the video hasn't been deleted yet, I would just assume he has nothing against his song having been uploaded on nicodou and will include a link. ^w^

Title in...

Japanese: ティンカーベル
Romaji: tinkaaberu  
English: Tinkerbell

Artist: TaNaBaTa
Album: REFLECT (Someone uploaded the songs on nicodou too. I will also assume this is okay lol.)  


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