Jan. 8th, 2011

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The first work by ←P I encountered was his song in the CD "In a graceful sound". Even though I really liked it, I never got around to checking out his other works 'til now. 8D; Actually I've only listened to 3 or 4 of his works for now. 8D; I will listen to the others.... sometime! 8DD;;

Anyway, I really liked the lyrics of this song when I heard it, so I decided to try translating it. I actually had a hard time with one part of this song since he used the kanji for "tsubusu", 潰 which means to break/smash/etc, but he had it read as "buresu" or "ブレス". I still don't know what this "buresu" is supposed to be so I just decided to go with the meaning of the kanji. 8D; If anyone who comes across this entry knows what it means, I'd be very happy if you share your knowledge with me. T^T orzzz
EDIT: It seems to have been puresu/press/プレス (see comment below) XD

This song is actually a bit... how do I put it... irregular? on the music part. But I think that irregularity also expresses part of what the song is about. And I really like the individual parts. ^w^ The video of this song is also really nicely made~!

Also, I read ←P's blog entry on this song, and basically, this is a song he wrote saying thank you and goodbye to the dream that has been his reason for living for most of his life before then.

Good night,  ←P's  dream, sleep weeeeellllll---  。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

Title in...
Japanese: 徒夢
Romaji: adayume
English: Transient Dream

Written by: ←P / yajirushi-P
Sung by: Hatsune Miku
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