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int main () { 
    printf("Hello, world!");

Well, that already tells you a little about me orz. I was just gonna say "Hello world!" like a normal tame small animal, but... yeah.

Anyway, there are quite a number of songs I've come to want to try translating within my not-so-long journey in the utattemita/vocaloid world. Ah, it feels like it was only yesterday when I clicked on that youtube link and---
 I guess I'm not supposed to talk about my utattemita/vocaloid fangirling history here. 8D;

Pretty much, I will be posting my translations of songs I really like.

Please take note that:
 1. I've never had formal Japanese lessons and am doing this partially for Japanese practice. So, there might be blatant mistakes here and there. If you find anything off, I would be glad to hear you out!
 2. My translations might not match with what the author wanted to express. They're my own interpretations. /o/ Although I do try as much as possible not to *interpret* too much. ^^;
 3. I don't claim to own any of the songs here. They belong to their respective owners. I only worship them from afar lolol.

I guess those are all the important points? I will add if something comes to mind. ^^

Anyone can use the translations and romaji for whatever purpose you wish (as long as it's legal). I don't mind being credited or not credited. XD

*EDIT: I realized there's something I mind. I mind it when people edit my words and say that they're still mine. Of course you can mention that you edited it or something, then I won't mind. lol
There's also the option of just not crediting me altogether though which is really fine! :D

Nice to meet everyone! よろしくです! m( _ _ )m
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