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2010-11-29 12:56 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: A Little Intro?

int main () { 
    printf("Hello, world!");

Well, that already tells you a little about me orz. I was just gonna say "Hello world!" like a normal tame small animal, but... yeah.

Anyway, there are quite a number of songs I've come to want to try translating within my not-so-long journey in the utattemita/vocaloid world. Ah, it feels like it was only yesterday when I clicked on that youtube link and---
 I guess I'm not supposed to talk about my utattemita/vocaloid fangirling history here. 8D;

Pretty much, I will be posting my translations of songs I really like.

Please take note that:
 1. I've never had formal Japanese lessons and am doing this partially for Japanese practice. So, there might be blatant mistakes here and there. If you find anything off, I would be glad to hear you out!
 2. My translations might not match with what the author wanted to express. They're my own interpretations. /o/ Although I do try as much as possible not to *interpret* too much. ^^;
 3. I don't claim to own any of the songs here. They belong to their respective owners. I only worship them from afar lolol.

I guess those are all the important points? I will add if something comes to mind. ^^

Anyone can use the translations and romaji for whatever purpose you wish (as long as it's legal). I don't mind being credited or not credited. XD

*EDIT: I realized there's something I mind. I mind it when people edit my words and say that they're still mine. Of course you can mention that you edited it or something, then I won't mind. lol
There's also the option of just not crediting me altogether though which is really fine! :D

Nice to meet everyone! よろしくです! m( _ _ )m
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2011-03-05 01:40 pm

mata ashita [fuwari-P]

This is the first song I've heard from this producer and I haven't checked his other works but this song is so niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice----- ;A; ;A; ;A;
So, I tried translating it. 8D

Title in...
Japanese: またあした 
Romaji: mata ashita
English: 'Til Tomorrow 

Written by: fuwari-P
Sung by: Hatsune Miku
Nico | YT

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2011-03-05 10:14 am

akatsuki [Lyu:Lyu]

I tried translating another Lyu:Lyu song.
イエ━━┌(。A。┌ )┐━━イ~

Title in...
Kanji: 暁
Romaji: akatsuki
English: Daybreak

Artist: Lyu:Lyu
Album: 32:43
Nico | Youtube

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2011-01-08 01:43 pm

adayume [←P / yajirushi-P]

The first work by ←P I encountered was his song in the CD "In a graceful sound". Even though I really liked it, I never got around to checking out his other works 'til now. 8D; Actually I've only listened to 3 or 4 of his works for now. 8D; I will listen to the others.... sometime! 8DD;;

Anyway, I really liked the lyrics of this song when I heard it, so I decided to try translating it. I actually had a hard time with one part of this song since he used the kanji for "tsubusu", 潰 which means to break/smash/etc, but he had it read as "buresu" or "ブレス". I still don't know what this "buresu" is supposed to be so I just decided to go with the meaning of the kanji. 8D; If anyone who comes across this entry knows what it means, I'd be very happy if you share your knowledge with me. T^T orzzz
EDIT: It seems to have been puresu/press/プレス (see comment below) XD

This song is actually a bit... how do I put it... irregular? on the music part. But I think that irregularity also expresses part of what the song is about. And I really like the individual parts. ^w^ The video of this song is also really nicely made~!

Also, I read ←P's blog entry on this song, and basically, this is a song he wrote saying thank you and goodbye to the dream that has been his reason for living for most of his life before then.

Good night,  ←P's  dream, sleep weeeeellllll---  。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

Title in...
Japanese: 徒夢
Romaji: adayume
English: Transient Dream

Written by: ←P / yajirushi-P
Sung by: Hatsune Miku
Nico | YT

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2011-01-05 06:59 am

Tinkerbell [TaNaBaTa]

This time I thought I'd try translating a song I came across by...I don't remember anymore lol.
I found out the other day that the composer/singer/etc of this one-man band sang Rainbow Girl which has reached over 800k playbacks on nicodou. www I really don't remember how I found out about him before that though. ._. Random nicodou tag-clicking? Perhaps.
Anyway, I really liked this song when I heard it~
I'm not sure about the copyright stuff of this guy's songs but since the video hasn't been deleted yet, I would just assume he has nothing against his song having been uploaded on nicodou and will include a link. ^w^

Title in...

Japanese: ティンカーベル
Romaji: tinkaaberu  
English: Tinkerbell

Artist: TaNaBaTa
Album: REFLECT (Someone uploaded the songs on nicodou too. I will also assume this is okay lol.)  


◁◘◑◙◘≪三☁ ◁◘◑◙◘≪三☁ ◁◘◑◙◘≪三☁ ◁◘◑◙◘≪三☁

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2010-12-19 03:50 pm

hitori [kuwagata-P]

Since kuwagataP did another 1-hit K.O. on me with his new song, I've decided to try translating it. 8D;
My heart and soul and kidney and lungs and liver and(ry seriously hurts so much when I listen to it. ;A; And I'm still listening to it now. ;A; /do-M taimu
Anyway, before I and my internal organs completely die, I better finish this entry. 8D

Title in...
Japanese: ひとり 
Romaji: hitori
English: Alone

Written by: apple41/kuwagata-P
Sung by: Hatsune Miku
Nico | YT

Romaji & Translation )

Well, I know the above link isn't a 1-hit KO scenario, but... it's kuwagata~ 8D
Also, I'm currently sick so rest assured, that coughing fit is in no way connected to my intern-- /coughingfit


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2010-12-14 06:14 pm

kyoukaisen [Lyu:Lyu]

This song. ;__;
Anyway, I tried translating another Lyu:Lyu song. This is one of tracks on the album that doesn't have any videos whatsoever on the internet, so, uh, you can't hear it legally unless you buy the album so do buy it. ^w^
So why did I decide to translate this next? Well, the truth is that our choices are often influenced by a chain of events or external influences and not to mention transient emotions and whims. So while we call it a decision, to attach your own reason or set of reasons to it as if it were really THE one thing that led to that decision/happening isn't really.....---

Title in...
Kanji: 境界線
Romaji: kyoukaisen
English: Boundary Line

Artist: Lyu:Lyu
Album: 32:43 (If you like the song enough, please support the original artist by buying the album~!)
This song doesn't have an official video or anything, so I'm not including any links. ^^;

I was wondering if I should include the kanji...but I guess there's not much point in doing so? Anyway, I didn't include it. 8D

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2010-12-03 12:37 pm

hisuteri [kuwagata-P]

Since I fell head over heels over toes over.. in love with this song when I heard it just recently and also woke up this morning wanting to listen to it, I decided to try translating it! /o/


This is from kuwagataP's self-cover album which was sold in VoMas 14 last November 14, 2010. Unfortunately, I didn't get a copy. I ... kind of... r-r--r-r-r-r-r-reggggggreeeee-------

Hopefully they sell it online, orz.
Well, before the actual translation, I would just like to say that I didn't really know how to translate the title, lolol. I just assumed it's a word derived from hysteria or some derivative of that word and history... 8D 8D Anyone who knows anything about this please correct me if I'm actually wrong or something. /o/

Title in...
Japanese: ヒステリ 
Romaji: histeri
English: Hysteria

Written by: apple41/kuwagata-P
Sung by: apple41/kuwagata-P
Nico | YT (kuwagata-P version)
Nico | YT (GUMI version)

Album: カナヒステリシス (kanahisuterishisu)
Buy at: Toranoana

Romaji & Translation )

EDIT (12/14/2010):
Well I should've edited this a long time ago but... 8D
Anyway, first I added the GUMI version links. ^^
Second, kuwagata-P's self cover CD is now available on Toranoana so I've added a link to that as well. /o/
Third, I noticed I ended up typing "kanahisterikku" instead of "kanahisuterishisu" in the comments as the title of kuwaP's album. 8D; It's supposed to be "kanahisuterishisu". 8D
This made me wonder btw... could it be that kuwaP actually meant THAT hysterisis? D:
WELL, it can also make sense that way... In any case the title would still (kind of) remain a mystery. ~(゚ο゚)~

EDIT (03/05/2011):
I was supposed to edit this months ago but...... lolol.
Changed the title to Hysteria. 8D
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2010-11-29 04:39 pm

oborodzukiyo ni hoshi ha naku [Lyu:Lyu]

Since I currently really love Lyu:Lyu, I thought I'd start with my current favorite amongst their songs. ^^

Title in...
Kanji: 朧月夜に星は無く 
Romaji: oborodzukiyo ni hoshi ha naku
English: Starless Moonlit Night

Artist: Lyu:Lyu
Album: 32:43 (If you like the song enough, please support the original artist by buying the album~!)
YT | Nico

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