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The first work by ←P I encountered was his song in the CD "In a graceful sound". Even though I really liked it, I never got around to checking out his other works 'til now. 8D; Actually I've only listened to 3 or 4 of his works for now. 8D; I will listen to the others.... sometime! 8DD;;

Anyway, I really liked the lyrics of this song when I heard it, so I decided to try translating it. I actually had a hard time with one part of this song since he used the kanji for "tsubusu", 潰 which means to break/smash/etc, but he had it read as "buresu" or "ブレス". I still don't know what this "buresu" is supposed to be so I just decided to go with the meaning of the kanji. 8D; If anyone who comes across this entry knows what it means, I'd be very happy if you share your knowledge with me. T^T orzzz
EDIT: It seems to have been puresu/press/プレス (see comment below) XD

This song is actually a bit... how do I put it... irregular? on the music part. But I think that irregularity also expresses part of what the song is about. And I really like the individual parts. ^w^ The video of this song is also really nicely made~!

Also, I read ←P's blog entry on this song, and basically, this is a song he wrote saying thank you and goodbye to the dream that has been his reason for living for most of his life before then.

Good night,  ←P's  dream, sleep weeeeellllll---  。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

Title in...
Japanese: 徒夢
Romaji: adayume
English: Transient Dream

Written by: ←P / yajirushi-P
Sung by: Hatsune Miku
Nico | YT


yume, sameta. kumotta sora.
tooku, ame. utsumuku.


densha mado, hi ga sashita.
mabushikutte me wo hosometa.
ubawareta "shiteiseki".
tachiichi mo, kakuho dekizu.

a, sokka.
sonna mono saishokkara nakattakke?
maa, ii ya. itsumo no koto desu.

yume wo mite tadoritsuita kono basho ha,
tada no "kibou haiki koujou" deshita.
kosoiai puresusareta kokoro no yukue ha, aimai na mirai.
sore ha sore ha, wakatteita hazu no "genjitsu" tte yatsu deshita.

yume wo miserarete,
yume ni oboreteta.
kigatsuitara mou,
dare mo inakatta.
hitori bocchi no maigo no kokoro ha,
aimai na hyoushi ni pukari ukabunda.

shinkou ni shitagatte, fuantei na haku wo kizamimasu.
motomoto uchuu ni pokan to hitotsu, uiteru dake no hoshi nandesu.
sonna ue de baransu tamotte,
taiyou to tsuki no aida atari de, mainichi hisshi ni ikiteimasu.


yume wo egaite tadoritsuita kono basho ha,
tada no "kibou haiki koujou" deshita.
wakatteta hazu no "genjitsu" nanoni,
doushite namida ga yamanaindarou.......

yume ga samete, iki mo dekinakunatta.
koko ni reikyaku shobun shimashou.
saigo da ne, ima made arigato, ne.
koko ni nemuru, "minna" no---.
Good night. Good night.
takusan no yume to issho ni,


Transient Dream

Dream, I awake. Dim cloudy skies.
Far away, rain. I hang my head.


Through the train window, the sun shone.
So bright I narrowed my eyes.
"Reserved seat" taken away.
I'm unable to maintain a stable standing position.

Ah, I see.
So something like that never existed in the first place, huh.
Well, oh well. This is just as always.

Gazing at a dream, this place I arrived at
was nothing but a "hope disposal factory".
The whereabouts of the heart crushed in competition, is within a vague future.
That was, that was, the "reality" I should've already known.

I was shown a dream,
and in that dream I drowned.
When I came to,
no was around anymore.
My heart that was lost all alone,
floated onto the surface of a vague rhythm.

Following this process, I marked counts to an uncertain beat.
In the first place, this is merely one planet idly floating in space.
On the surface with the balance kept,
somewhere between the sun and the moon, everyday in a desperate struggle, I live.

I live.

Drawing a dream, this place I arrived at
was nothing but a "hope disposal factory".
This was the "reality" I should've known,
but I wonder why these tears just won't stop......

The dream cools and wears off, unable to breathe anymore.
Cooling disposal can be done here.
This is the last time, thank you for everything up until now.
Here, they sleep, "everyone's" ---.
Good night. Good night.
Together with many other dreams,

Good night.

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Date: 2012-02-01 07:28 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] worainboo
xD OMAI, you translated this!
I'm a newbie translator, really bad at it really.
I'm very glad you translated this. >u9

The 'tsubusu' part's actually "puresu" which I think would mean 'press', evident on

I'll still try to translate it in my own way, with the help of your version, if you don't mind. It'll be purely for my personal education, I promise. I won't publish it anywhere. >o

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