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I tried translating another Lyu:Lyu song.
イエ━━┌(。A。┌ )┐━━イ~

Title in...
Kanji: 暁
Romaji: akatsuki
English: Daybreak

Artist: Lyu:Lyu
Album: 32:43
Nico | Youtube

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This time I thought I'd try translating a song I came across by...I don't remember anymore lol.
I found out the other day that the composer/singer/etc of this one-man band sang Rainbow Girl which has reached over 800k playbacks on nicodou. www I really don't remember how I found out about him before that though. ._. Random nicodou tag-clicking? Perhaps.
Anyway, I really liked this song when I heard it~
I'm not sure about the copyright stuff of this guy's songs but since the video hasn't been deleted yet, I would just assume he has nothing against his song having been uploaded on nicodou and will include a link. ^w^

Title in...

Japanese: ティンカーベル
Romaji: tinkaaberu  
English: Tinkerbell

Artist: TaNaBaTa
Album: REFLECT (Someone uploaded the songs on nicodou too. I will also assume this is okay lol.)  


◁◘◑◙◘≪三☁ ◁◘◑◙◘≪三☁ ◁◘◑◙◘≪三☁ ◁◘◑◙◘≪三☁

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This song. ;__;
Anyway, I tried translating another Lyu:Lyu song. This is one of tracks on the album that doesn't have any videos whatsoever on the internet, so, uh, you can't hear it legally unless you buy the album so do buy it. ^w^
So why did I decide to translate this next? Well, the truth is that our choices are often influenced by a chain of events or external influences and not to mention transient emotions and whims. So while we call it a decision, to attach your own reason or set of reasons to it as if it were really THE one thing that led to that decision/happening isn't really.....---

Title in...
Kanji: 境界線
Romaji: kyoukaisen
English: Boundary Line

Artist: Lyu:Lyu
Album: 32:43 (If you like the song enough, please support the original artist by buying the album~!)
This song doesn't have an official video or anything, so I'm not including any links. ^^;

I was wondering if I should include the kanji...but I guess there's not much point in doing so? Anyway, I didn't include it. 8D

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Since I currently really love Lyu:Lyu, I thought I'd start with my current favorite amongst their songs. ^^

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Kanji: 朧月夜に星は無く 
Romaji: oborodzukiyo ni hoshi ha naku
English: Starless Moonlit Night

Artist: Lyu:Lyu
Album: 32:43 (If you like the song enough, please support the original artist by buying the album~!)
YT | Nico

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